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Free SAT Review Session this Sunday, August 18th

This Sunday, August 18th, Dugan Prep founder Tim Dugan will be hosting a free SAT review session to the public. The session will start at 2 pm and end at 5 pm. From 2:00-3:30, the review will cover the verbal sections. From 3:30-5:00, the review will cover the math sections. Students are welcome to stay […]

Do Students Need the SAT Essay?

Should You Take the SAT Essay? The SAT is undoubtedly a vital part of any college application. The highest scores can see a prospective student flying through the admissions process (provided you already have a good GPA), whereas a poor score can automatically resign an application to the discard pile.  Many parents are confused when […]

Real ACT Practice Tests & Answers

     When taking a standardized test like the ACT, you are guaranteed access to official ACTs. These practice tests consist of official questions from past ACTs, as well as answers to check your work. The real test will have questions similar to these previous tests.       Attached are some practice ACTs released by […]

College Cheaters Should Have Just Used Dugan Prep

“We’re the honest way to get ahead,” says founder Tim Dugan.  United States federal prosecutors have recently indicted parents on charges bribing officials to secure illegal college admissions for their children. These parents spent widely varying amounts of money to have people take the SAT for their children or change their scores upon completion of the […]

Free AP US History Seminars- Fridays

Dugan Prep will be offering free AP US History Seminars in preparation for the May 10th AP exam in American History.  Classes will take place each Friday 3-4pm at Dugan Prep in Red Bank.  Founder Tim Dugan, who holds a degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania, will be teaching.  Each class will be […]

The Return of Group Tutoring

Dugan Prep will  be bringing back group SAT tutoring, albeit in a small pilot program.  Founder Tim Dugan will be teaching group SAT classes each Wednesday from 4-5pm.  Classes cost $80/hr and will be limited to students with SAT scores below a 1300.  The score restriction has been put in place to ensure that most […]

The 7 Types of Enjoying Work

In the dreaded career search, students are always asked, “Well what do you like?” This question is confusing, not least because they have had little time to try different types of work.  Here I lay out the 7 Types of Liking Work so students can easily categorize the reasons why they feel positively toward certain […]

Free SAT Practice Test on January 26th

On Saturday January 26th, Dugan Prep will be hosting a free practice SAT to the public. We will be offering time management tips for the SAT and will have students take the test in a simulated test day environment. By taking the test in a simulated environment, students can get the feel for what the […]