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     When taking a standardized test like the ACT, you are guaranteed access to official ACTs. These practice tests consist of official questions from past ACTs, as well as answers to check your work. The real test will have questions similar to these previous tests. 

     Attached are some practice ACTs released by ACT, Inc. Some test years are missing because ACT, Inc. will use one test and duplicate it to use for the next couple of years. These tests, as mentioned above, are official ACT tests with official ACT questions. They are posted below:

     ACT, INC. has also released an official ACT prep book, The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2018-19 Edition. This book offers four full length practice tests; however, only one of them is unique to the tests listed above. As a result, we recommend buying the third edition which offers 5 unique ACT practice tests. 

     We will also offer tips for ACT and would like to mention one more time: these tests will not guarantee a good grade. If there are some things you do not understand, make sure to study and learn them for the test. As mentioned, studying one test is a bad idea. Make sure to expose yourself to as much content as possible and learn the key concepts of that content. That will help you a lot more than just studying one test.

  1. Sit Down and Take the Whole Test- this is extremely important and cannot be stressed enough. By taking the test in one sitting, you will become accustomed to how quickly or slowly you need to go on a section. This way, you can create a plan for how you will be taking the test. That way, you are not surprised on test day.
  2. Use the Official Time Limits for Each Section- this is stressed above and will be stressed again. Make sure you are doing everything to make the test day feel natural and unstressed. When you begin to feel unnatural and stressed, your score suffers.
  3. After Finishing a Test, Review your Answers- this is how you will learn for the actual test. By learning and understanding a question, you increase the chances of getting more questions right on the test because there may be problems similar to that question. Some concepts presented in a certain question may also help you with many other questions in the future.
  4. Get Help- if you are struggling to improve or are not getting the scores you want, call Dugan Prep at 732-903-8740. We will be glad to help you achieve the scores you want to see. 
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